jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Infinite Body & Emaciator - Split Lp

Link Removed By Request.

Genre: Drone, Noise
Label: Monorail Tresspasing

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A bristling static rests upon the tone-float arcs of guitar and analog synth on both sides of this exceptional split release from SoCal’s Infinite Body and Emaciator. The two share an ability to coax bright distortion capable of an enveloping warmth rarely witnessed in the context of noise culture. But, these two artists cannot be accused of being interchangeable with each other. Infinite Body (aka Kyle Parker) overlaps chords into harmonic sets of roughly stitched minimalism set below that pulsing stream of distortion; and if anything, the Infinite Body tracks resemble the more aggressive pieces from the Spire commissions for church organ. Emaciator’s taut lazer-beam of sound is far more linear in structure, pulsing with buzzing vibrations and steadily evolving from cold steely mass into a golden mist of radio-luminescence. After this track and the 2008 Reflection 2LP, Emaciator (aka Jon Borges) is quickly developing into quite the craftsman.

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monorail dijo...

seeing as i have a few hundred of these still available, i'd appreciate if this link were removed immediately. thank you for your cooperation.