viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Leyland Kirby - Intrigue & Stuff (Vol. 1)

Genre: Ambient, Minimal, Experimental, Drone

Yet another curve-ball from oldskool Lancashire Raver Kirby. Changing colour like a confused chameleon, never blending in with its environment. This release was unannounced and comes as a minimally packaged hand-stamped white label which is a stark contrast to the breathtaking sleeves from his trilogy that were embellished with breath taking artworks from the highly under rated painter Ivan Seal. As with Kirby's recent out put this does feel very much like a journey of self-discovery and a magical roller-coaster of emotions. The tracks here sparkle with uplifting and vibrant tones with speckles of old new-beat and 808 State, David Lynch and way beyond influences, along with his more dreamy and cerebral direction. The general mood is difficult to quantify and comparing to other contemporary artists is practically impossible. This is very much electronic music at its most potent and soul stirring. Over analysis of these tracks would be dangerous but I can say there is a very "classic" electronic music spirit present.

2 comentarios:

caley dijo...

Pretty great little album. 'Video 2000' is a stunner.

Joshualine dijo...

Hey - does anyone have Volume 2? Can't find it anywhere...

Thank you.