jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Marsen Jules Trio - Les Fleurs Variations

Label: Oktaf
Genre: Ambient, Neo classical

Minimalist electronics and neo-classic drapes. The echo is not so distant. Five years ago, the German Marsen Jules ventured on the language of Molière. Noble and slight, his album Les Fleurs remains this day one of the most beautiful manners to observe the morning dew. Since, time inexorably changed. Marsen Jules took some years, went up its own label and left the solitude of the studio for the collective adventure. Laptop, violin and piano. The flesh returns stealthily. Accompanied with Anwar Alam and with Jan-Philipp Alamplein, Marsen Jules thus becomes trio. Tuned to this first tour of stoking, its universe of ice-cold winds wins at it obviously in heat and density. Everything takes place in the detail and the lighting there, only spaces of freedom were granted to the sources of origin. Certainly, the territory is already conquered but the flight is made this time of night, so modifying the perception and the firm memory of past. Without upsetting totally the bases of a centred music.

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