viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

Nicholas Szczepanik - We Make Life Sad

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Label: Weme Records

'We Make Life Sad' is a powerfully haunting transmission from Chicago's Nicholas Szczepanik - and a very strong choice for fans of The Caretaker or Indignant Senility. In contrast to last years well received 'Please Stop Loving Me' suite, this side for Belgium's WeMe is more concise, refined into ten chapters of gauzily textured samples, zombied digital synth tones and processed strings which hover and shapeshift like slow-moving hallucinations. Like we say, there's an undeniable conceptual allegiance with The Caretaker's foisty shellac ambience and introverted loop spirals, but like Indignant Senility's compelling 'Consecration Of The Whipstain', the magic herein lies with Nicholas' ability to breathe extra life into the samples, foregrounding their rich melodic nuance and tactile textures against a murky, lowlit background which draws the ear through the heavy red curtains to a cavernous and dark hollow behind. If it was mere plagiarism we'd say so, but it's not, and we look forward to spending time with this LP in our musty old attic listening space.

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