martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Eleh - Homage to the Pointed Waveforms

Genre: Drone, Electronic, Minimal


Individually numbered edition of 500 copies on 200g virgin vinyl, packaged in custom 2-colour embossed letterpress jackets that just look amazing. Taiga Records bless the world with the first new Eleh material since their 2010 split side with Ellen Fullman. As the final release in a series dedicated to specific sound waves, it follows explorations of 'Square' and 'Sine' wave functions with three explorative compositions of triangle and sawtooth waves created on a dense modular system. They are the logical conclusion of live research performed in Barcelona, Brussels and Madrid during spring 2011. Side A contains a version of the piece that was conceived for the shows, which evolved during the three performances as it was continually reworked. It can be delineated into three distinct sections, each with more emphasis on (relatively) dynamic rhythm and noise than we're used to hearing from Eleh records. The B-side features two tracks mixed with "travel memories" and reflecting on that arrangement. The first is more reduced, yet prickly, and with sublime, almost melodic tone sequences to close. The third and final piece is a head-swallowing drone of near-cinematic potential, with a conclusion that's more than worth your patience. It should be noted that any perceptible distortion on the the 1st track of side B is "a problem of the audio itself, its structure and specific combination of frequencies", and can be taken as "a collaboration between Eleh and an unknown phenomenon". Don't sleep...

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Woxyo dijo...

i thought you might like this one
wim - saint / esprit (2012)

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Anónimo dijo...

very sad update

thanks a million for all your work and for the magic moments i've lived trough the music you discovered me

see you around