lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Tarentel - You Can´t Hide Your Love Forever 7"

Genre: Drone, Experimental
Label: Geographic North


Marvelous stuff from Geographic North, new US label doing these cool coloured vinyl 7"s in limited runs by top groups!! The 1st three are by Tussle, A Sunny Day In Glasgow (which is ace...) and Tarentel. The latter is what I'll bang on about briefly. Time is of the essence this week.... The schtick is the series is called 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever' and this one is volume 3. Also the records don't have A and B sides... They have North and South sides... Ties in with the label name. Piece by piece it all comes together... It was the Colonel Mustard with the pipe in the lavvy. The 2 Tarentel tracks are called Space Junk A & B and it's on mint green wax... Oh and thee's only 300 copies which are now sold out at source. I feel like I just gave you a whole encylopedias worth of information there. The Tarentel tune is a percussive beast with feedback ploughing around in the background whilst this tribal beat holds it all together and its well good!! The flipside is the more far out there tune with wierd electronics and guitar noises being the order of the day... It's pretty dark sounding as well. The A side rules my world though.

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