lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

VA - Music Pour Statues Menhirs

Genre: Ambient, Psychedelic, Electronic, Neo Classical
Label: Arbouse Recordings

Musique Pour Statues Menhirs is a 2 disc featuring exclusive tracks by Fennesz, Rafael Anton Irisarri, parlous, Serafine Steer, Benoit Pioulard, Astrid, Zelionople, Sylvain Chauveau, Jefre Cantu ledesma, Greg Davis, Schneider TM, Orla wren, Map-station, Mria Calix, Melodium, Jasper TX and loads more. 21 tracks spread over 2 discs and it's one of the most stellar line up's I've seen on a CD so far. I'm not entirely sure what the premise of the CD is as it's all in French and I rather untraditionally did Latin (in between being bummed at school ) but I suspect it's something to do with stones and outdoorsy ness. Actually I've just read that artists were invited to create a musical universe in 2008 around the collection of statues-menhirs of the Archaeological Museum of Rodez. Its a big proper delightful album though... both discs are crammed with neo classical and electronic pieces of music which are pure and simply melty on the ole ears.


01-Fennesz - Sundial
02-Rafael Anton Isarri - Still
03-Parlour - A permanent might
04-David Daniell - Pillar
05-ww.lowman - Excerpt 2/3
06-Serafina Steer - I guess this is yours that you
havent picked up
07-Benoit Pioulard - Je resterai ici tandis que vous
08-John Hugues - BC drone
09-Astrid - High blues
10-Zelienople - The light no one knows

01-Sylvain Chauveau - La chanson des pierres
02-Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - The iron age
03-Greg Davis - All things change
04-Schneider TM - Statues menhirs TM
05-Orla Wren - The climbing rope
06-Mapstation - Les tailleurs de pierres
07-Melodium - Filitosa
08-Mira Calix - In a stony place
09-Nathan Bell - Portait of an Ice Age
10-vs_price - Arenite
11-Jasper TX - Open field

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chris_c dijo...

thank you for this, am concerned however by your turn of phrase. i honestly hope you were not 'bummed" at school against your will.