miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Headdress - Lunes

Genre: Psychedelic folk, Drone, Experimental
No Quarter Records

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Lunes is the second album by the Texas psychedelic duo Headdress. Written in the desert but recorded during an endless New York City winter, the album is a dark meditation on Americana. Guitarist Caleb Coy and organist Ethan Cook sculpt a cold, expansive sound made ripe for these turbulent times. It’s the blues shaped by the avant-compositions of La Monte Young and Dylan Carlson. It's drone rooted deep in the American tradition. It seems that the shamanic desert wanderers known as Headdress have left the barren wastelands and entered the streets of the city. With this transition the band have dropped a bit of their Brightblack Morning lightness and delved into darker areas of blues drone. The high plains still hang over the sound of Lunes but it's a strangely urban high plain; full of street lit canyons and brick dusted caverns. They've begun to cut ground through Wooden Shjips and Blues Control territory but swapping one's heaviness for the others tempos. All the while the dank threat of drone hangs over the amplifier rubble they've begun kicking through, creeping in like an omen on the wind. A vast step up from their last album that'll see light via No Quarter, this one's begging to shake your turntable. This is going to scare you so if you are alone, turn on the lights. Headdress are on one expansive trip through the history of sound. It’s no wonder they spent the last year travelling through the American West in search of inspiration. They found it. Headdress is the closest you can get to Cosmic Americana without getting burnt. These two native Texans make scary murder ballads while driving through deserts in slow motion. ‘Moon of Shedding Ponies’ evokes eerie Ry Cooder landscapes; ‘Blanket of Golden Fields’ is Jason Spacemen surveying a broken Americana. Make no mistake, Headress is eerie stuff.

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Hey man, great blog! Any chance of a re-up for this album. Only heard their first release and loved it so I'm stoked to hear this one.