martes, 2 de junio de 2009

James Stephen Finn - The Antique Metronome

Genre: Ambient, Experimental
Cotton Goods


Another bijou bundle of utter loveliness from Cotton Goods, once again packaged up in modified old and discarded library books and guaranteed to sell out in a heartbeat. The music of James Stephen Finn seems to have been tailor-made to fit the label aesthetic; all frayed samples, static, found sounds and looped instruments that seem almost out of sorts, never quite joining up where they should in that beautifully ramshackle way this label carries itself. From dusty old Piano fragments reminiscent of Denzel & Huhn's much overlooked debut EP 'Filet', to delicate micro-samples, bells and tones delivered with an almost childlike demeanour - it's a gorgeous debut that will sadly only ever be discovered by the very few of you lucky enough to snap one up.

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