martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Loscil - Versions Ep

Genre: Ambient, Piano, Experimental
Label: Self Released

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The EP is aptly titled Versions and features reworked versions of Emma from First Narrows, Estuarine and The Making of Grief Point from Endless Falls. Emma and Estuarine both feature Dan Bejar on guitar and Josh Lindstrom on Vibes and were first performed as part of New York’s Wordless Music Series in 2009. The Making of Grief Point is an instrumental version of the track from Endless Falls which featured Bejar’s spoken word. All of these tracks compliment the originals quite nicely so I thought it was worth making them available.

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Those ZShare links are extremely slow to download, I suggest you change your usual file-host website.

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Thanks for this, and for this great blog!

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link is alive