viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Alasehir - Torment Of The Metals Lp

Genre: Psychedelic, Drone, Experimental Rock
Label: Important Records


Alasehir's 4th release, following a CD apiece for the Important, aRCHIVE and Siltbreeze labels, Torment of The Metals "continues their sonic exploration of dense, languorous, free expansion. Billowing and exploding like a cluster of hashish stars, they produce a cosmic energy akin to a quasar in the heavens far left of Coltrane's OM and just right of the galaxy known as Dead C's Harsh '70s Reality

One of four Bardo Pond-related LPs to be released this week, Alasehir's Torment Of The Metals is the product of Michael and John Gibbons from the aforementioned stoner rock icons. This LP is at the more brain-frazzled end of the psych/sludge scale, featuring huge, furious guitar riffs, passages of extreme fuzz and some killer free-rock drumming from Jason Kourkounis. The band get through three tracks in forty minutes, which isn't as sluggish as it sounds - sure, they grind to a thoroughly tuned-out pace for much of 'Wheel Of Anguish', but this LP is heavy and intense in all the right ways. And just check out the righteous sleeve...

Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on virgin vinyl. Guitar out-crunch hailing from the Bardo Axis. Alasehir is grounded stoner heavy-zen and the second in our four part Bardo Pond related vinyl set.