lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Alumbrados - Monochord Lp

Genre: Dark Ambient, Drone
Label: Important Records

This is one of four vinyl-only Bardo Pond related releases coming out simultaneously on Important Records.
Deep in the forest ethno-drones, drenched in buzz and shimmer. Sitar, guitar, cumbas and all sorts of percussion create exquisite layers psych drone Nirvana that will transport you to another dimension.
Strangely peaceful, the music we hear in our heads when we lay in grass at night staring at the stars.

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Anónimo dijo...

your blog is delicious.

you are wonderful!!!!

Anandamide dijo...

I was searching for this and I'm glad it led me to your blog. Great music just waiting to be discovered out here!
Keep it going!