jueves, 2 de julio de 2009

Greg Davis – Mutually Arising

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Drone, Ambient


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Davis is a student of music having studied at DePaul and worked on several collaborations with Keith Fullerton Whitman. His interest in drone is prominent on this release, “Mutually Arising,” and thoughtfully builds swirling masses of sound using Korg mono/poly and Crumar Stratus analog synthesizers, treated with various effects pedals and computer processing.

The disc features two long cuts, “Cosmic Mudra,” and “Hall of Pure Bliss.” Both tracks live up to their titular promise. Though our niche world is rife with drones, some even saying that it’s a form which is, for the time being, finished, it’s anathema to those of us who consider it an eternal music—one which has no beginning nor end, but is merely a snapshot of an ongoing eternal universal sigh. The calm, persistent mounting of harmonies and quivering timbres represented on this recording are just this sort of music. Crawling and dreamy, Davis’ sounds build monumental structures which blissfully reveal overtones which at times rival some of drone’s more recognized names. Gentle harmonies compete with more aggressive atonalities and produce lasting moments of tension which melt away, swaying breathily back into sparkling meditations on the most elemental forms of music. (Review by Dan of Fluid Radio)

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ben dijo...

Hi, having a few problems with some of your files lately, they come up "This file is currently set to private. If this problem persists or you need further assistance, contact support. "

love the blog by the way, hope you can resolve this glitch


gd dijo...

hi, could i ask you to please remove the download link for my new album?
this album hasnt even been released yet, so id like to give people a chance to buy it first.
i appreciate your enthusiasm about my music, but smaller independent artists still need to sell a few cd's these days to make a little money so the label and the artists can keep doing what they are doing. i think in the future, you should maybe wait awhile after new albums have been released to post them on your blog. this is more respectful to the musicians.
thanks and peace,
greg d.

ben dijo...

hey, great blog sir, having a problem with this download though, keep getting this message "This file is currently set to private. If this problem persists or you need further assistance, contact support."

any idea where i'm going wrong?

Thanks as always for all your hard work. ben

righard dijo...

hi how do i get in touch with dronea?

please email me at righardkapp@gmail.com