jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Jasper TX - Untitled Nr. 7

Not the original cover art

Genre: Ambient, Drone
Label: Dead Pilot Records

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Dag Rosenqvist aka Jasper TX (one half of the post rock duo De LaMancha) has been producing his own brand of unique ambience for sometime now, having had releases with Lampse, Miasmah, most recently FangBomb and self releasing various 3inch CDrs inbetween. It is with much honor that I welcome Dag into the “Dead Pilot ranks” (as it were).

With this 3 inch disc, Dag has really honed in on the drone sound he has only vaguely touched upon before. Building from subtle organ tonesto dense low end drones and peaking with fizzing glory and triumph,this perfectly crafted 20 minute piece shows Dags ear for minimalismand subtle shifts in melody and texture. It’s slow burning development makes the peak much more euphoric and intense. Like Stars of the Lid remixed by Machinefabriek.

Limited to 110 copies worldwide packaged in miniature DVD style case with photography artwork by Peter Broderick (yes THAT Peter Broderick)and textured paper insert.

Sorry, but it´s sold out

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