domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

Lissom - Nest Of Iterations

Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Drone
Label: Dragon´s Eye Recordings

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Tana Spargue (Lissom) is a Oakland, California, based sound and visual artist as well as production manager and Assistant director of Recombinant Media labs in San Francisco. Nest of Iterations is her debut album and directly points to her areas of concern, iteration a repetition of process in computing with a mutative state. Compare this idea with any the basic tenets of the minimalist school of music where slight changes in repetitions over time lead to greater development and revealed through time the whole as movement and change within a given form. However Sparges work is more directly interested in computing areas than the minimalist school of Reich, Riley or La Monte Young. Lissom as a reference point directly points to self organizing computational models that are influenced by the agile manifesto for software development. Lissom literally means agile and graceful.

Nest of Iterations is a seven track album that combines intricate micro fluctuations using digital forms and organic forms to create the sound. In the use of organic forms here we can note that the digital programs/programming utalised in the production follows an organic growth, in that it builds on foundational knowledge, overlaid by incremental advances. The sense of organic here also incorporates the nature sense, through field recordings, vocal intonations, sourced sounds. However the concepts of organic growth in language and the devices manifest by the development of mathematical, musical advances in the theoretical nature of sound are the true subject matter of Lissom’s work.

This point adequately made the area of sound that Lissom generally is located is usually referred to as ambient, in that it is not specifically beat driven or concerned with ideas of rhythm or melody in the sense of popular music, even though the internal nature of her progress in music could have a sense of rhythm stretching through time and describing the time or space of music as it occurs at the abstract frontiers of sound. It is more precisely seven tracks of discrete micro environments of sound infused with far reaching conceptual frameworks of musical and computational theory and practice.

Nest of Iterations is an excellent addition to Yann Novak’s collection of works on his Dragon’s Eye Recordings label. Released as a 250 limited edition 5″ CD-R, this work will surely become a sought after collector’s item to those marveling in the works of Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto), Taylor Dupree, Richard Chartier, and Evan Bartholomew.

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