sábado, 3 de octubre de 2009

Yellow Tears - Don't Cry

Not the original artwork

Genre: Noise, Experimental, Drone
Label: Hospital Productions

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Yellow Tears is the sound of a drop of urine being pushed through an infected urethra. An uncomfortable attraction to the golden realms of natural expulsion, this is the audio collage equivalent of a child's worst day at a carnival as an actionist nightmare of disturbing imagery and sounds. Don't Cry shows these young masters at work, carving out sculptures of depravity using god-knows-what for source sounds. The listener is introduced to a mostly quiet, subtle psychology of fear, childhood trauma and locked cellars. Power comes from the absence of the familiar. Separating themselves from the narcissistic herd, the band requires decades of therapy to begin to solve their problems. Bad dreams are supposed to be frightening.

Following shocking albums from Kevin Drumm, Cold Cave, Wolf Eyes and Grey Wolves, Yellow Tears join one of the strongest label schedules around with their latest album 'Don't Cry' on Dominic Fernow's Hospital imprint. The group are an intense bunch of characters, devoted to creating a totally unhinged blend of repressed violence and engrossing drone layers that will uplift and terrify you with equal force. 'Don't Cry' is just an uncomfortably reassuring listen from start to finish, coating two sides of the black stuff in dismantled sketches of brutality and internal noise expunged from sources unknown. The album takes the form of an audio collage, cutting out and pasting sections of your worst nightmares with subtle use of hovering synthlines and close attention to atmospheric detail, presumably using field recordings to create a morphing sense of space alternating between claustrophobia and widescreen loneliness. We're not smart enough to coin a new genre for this sound, but it really is a visceral exercise in aural narcosis that is just ruling our world.

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