martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Lucky Dragons - Open Power

Genre: Experimental, Electronic, Drone
Label: Teenage Teardrops

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Lucky Dragons have existed in one form or another for a fare while now and though their records are not easy to track down, these LA based loop enthusiasts have a lot to offer so you should seek them out. Or, you could invest in 'Open Power', probably their most consistent and widely available release so far. Listening to a Lucky Dragons record is kinda like sifting through a sketch book. Lots of ideas! Almost too many to appreciate in one sitting. Here are some of the basic things you need to know about Lucky Dragons; they commonly process their ideas on computers yet they sound like a free form, organic improvised duo. They love percussive loops and use them whenever possible. They have an innate ability to weave impossibly satisfying melodies. They are playful and amusing in everything they do. They share certain traits with Baltimore's Animal Collective but they are tons better YO! Side A contains two amazingly consistent tunes. 'Traveling song' and 'Open Melody' take in elements of Steve Reich and twist them into fun shapes and patterns. Both tracks are really tranquil and sound good at both 45 and 33RPM, can't say that about many records. The B-side has three slightly more out there experiments. 'Power melody' is awesome with it's unabashed use of pan pipes and flutes to create a north african style party groove. I'll stop now because I'll be at it all day but rest assured, this is an awesome record. If you got their last 7" collection and liked it a lot, then you'll more than likely be fully amazed by this. If you like Black Dice, glockenspiel Pit Er Pat, Animal Collective, Mahjongg and those new tropical drone concept records from James Ferrero then you should check this out for sure.

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